About Beckwith Health Club

Beckwith Health Club is a 3000 sq ft gym that has been in operation for more than twenty years. Along with a sizeable gym floor, we also have a large dance studio and changing rooms with showers. Our customer base is a mix of corporate members and local residents, with approximately 750 members in total.

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Club Info

Contact: Mark Silver
Number of Customers: 750
Type of Business: Gym

Key Benefits

Provided a more efficient method of collecting payments with GoCardless.
✓ More user-friendly experience for staff and members.
✓ Providing a reliable system to manage the gym.

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We were unsatisfied with our previous provider.

Before ClubRight, we used a different membership system. We weren’t satisfied with the service because it didn’t integrate with our payment systems very well, which caused a lot of headaches and lead to us manually joining the dots between payments and members. The dashboard was also complicated and tricky to navigate, costing us more time rather than saving us time.

We’d invested in that previous system to streamline processes for members and staff, but our problems were not getting solved.

Why we chose ClubRight.

There were three main benefits of switching to ClubRight: the most important being the integration with GoCardless. Due to the issues we’d had with our previous provider, seamless integration with a collections service was the main problem we wanted to solve. 

The second benefit was the user-friendly interface, which we were able to see in action during our online demo. The dashboard is clear and concise and it looks great from the member’s side too (it was also brilliant to be able to see what our members see from the admin side). 

The third biggest benefit we saw was how easy it was to get support from ClubRight’s Help Team. They shared their fast response times and high satisfaction rates with us and we felt comfortable that we’d be in safe hands should we need any ongoing support using the system.

Ahead of making the final decision, we were a bit worried about false promises. In our experience software providers tend to over promise and under deliver in terms of functionality.

Thankfully, this wasn’t the case with ClubRight.

Life after ClubRight

Our processes have significantly improved since using ClubRight. The dashboard is certainly one of the best features because we can see all of the important KPIs on one screen as soon as we log in. 

The integration with GoCardless has proved to be a far more efficient way of collecting payments and we can control everything from ClubRight, so there was no need to dip backwards and forwards between systems. Everything updates automatically in ClubRight.

ClubRight also integrates with quite a few other systems which we plan on looking into further. Anything that can make things easier for us and save time on the operations side of things.

Being able to speak to Wayne, is also refreshing because there aren’t many companies out there where the founder is still in the business and takes the time to speak to their customers.

Simply put, ClubRight works. If there are ever any problems or things we need help with, their webchat service allows me or any of my staff to quickly ask a question and we always get a clear, prompt response.

Beckwith Health Club and ClubRight

Would I recommend ClubRight?

We would absolutely recommend ClubRight, for all the reasons we’ve stated here. The software delivers and gives both gym staff and our members a much more convenient experience and it’s great to work with a company that understands how the fitness industry works.

Join hundreds of instructors across the UK using ClubRight to manage their classes and build community with their members by booking your free online demo today, or speak to us by calling +44 (0)203 884 9777.

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