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Since opening in 1992, our facility has grown into a 10,500sqft health club offering a gym, a classes studio, a spinning studio, a swimming pool, sauna, steam room and a jacuzzi. Having survived the credit crunch and more recently the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re proud to be celebrating our 30th birthday in 2022 – it’s certainly been an interesting 30 years! We have around 1,200 members which fluctuated slightly due to the pandemic but we’re well on the road to recovering from it. Our age range is vast and we have a pretty even mix of genders, although we tend to have slightly more older members coming to us.

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Club Info

Contact: Matt Bradney
Number of Customers: 1200+
Type of Business: Fitness Club

Key Benefits

Provided a reliable member database.
✓ Offered the ability to automate mundane admin processes.
✓ Supported through the Covid-19 pandemic.

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We’ve used many different gym software over the years.

Being in operation for thirty years we’ve used a few different gym management systems. We were very early adopters of having a membership database back in the nineties and have seen a lot of changes across the space. Some suppliers have been great but didn’t update their software as technology progressed. Others have just been too unreliable and had let us down too many times. We were using paper forms to collect new joiner information, then manually entering that information into a computer. Not only was this process outdated, but it also wasn’t built for scale. 

We needed a system that we could rely on to manage our club, offering a solution to things like online payments, managing memberships and organising class bookings. Technology is changing every day and so is the need for a more intuitive system, so we wanted to use software that would continue developing to keep up with the latest tech trends.

We were looking for a forward-thinking software company.

Our absolute must-have features were the ability to automate mundane admin processes and online joining/class booking. Beyond specific feature requirements, we didn’t want to feel like we had to keep an eye out for other solutions in case this one didn’t work for us; nor did we want to keep changing providers every few years because the company doesn’t update their tech to move with the times. 

After getting a demo from ClubRight, we can happily say that each box has been ticked.

To be perfectly honest, we decided to sign up to ClubRight because of my faith in their founder, Wayne. He showed me the software in the context of our business and it fitted our model well, but what made this demo different from the others we’d had was that Wayne shared some of their plans for future development and the different features that they’re working on. It was clear that ClubRight was not just another concrete system unable to adapt to the rapidly changing tech world.

After a few more conversations internally we decided that ClubRight would be the system for us, but we’ve switched gym software several times. Each time has been incredibly labour-intensive and quite frankly, horrible. My biggest concern was the transition of moving over, making sure our member data was transferred correctly; ensuring our members and general business operations were not disrupted in the process. We also decided to change Direct Debit collection services at the same time, so I was concerned about something going wrong as it had in the past.

Turns out, I needn’t have worried.

I would struggle to run my business without ClubRight.

We’ve been using ClubRight for quite some time now. The onboarding process was simple, efficient and pain-free. The system is well thought through and has clearly been designed by someone that has owned a business in the fitness industry. It ticks every box for us.

As the owner of the business, my personal favourite feature is task automation. We’ve automated everything from sales follow-ups to payment-chasing and welcome procedures etc. I also love the adaptability of certain features like the Awards feature. We use it to segment our members by personality type and it works a treat.

We said goodbye to paper joining forms a long time ago, now it’s so much slicker. Members can sign up at home and they can come down to the gym for their induction that same afternoon. Then there are there’s the promo codes feature, which we have used extensively. 

The automation of credit control has transformed the business. Every time a member payment fails, emails and texts are sent out automatically without the need for any staff to get involved. Collection rates have shot up because nobody falls through the cracks.

Our admin processes have been massively simplified. It has enabled me to streamline my staff more, saving me far more than the system costs.

The ClubRight team are a great bunch, led by a great leader in Wayne. You can feel his enthusiasm and joie de vivre throughout the company. Their support team are always helpful and I have to say, of all of the different industry suppliers we use, they’re one of our best. If there’s ever a problem, they let me know and get to work on a solution – what more can you ask for?

Most recently, their response to the pandemic and subsequent lockdowns was very impressive. Like many other clubs, it was a scary time for us and we needed to adapt fast. Fortunately, ClubRight adapted fast too. Within weeks of being put into a lockdown, they released a brand new integration with Zoom allowing us to hold our classes virtually and keep some money coming in.

Our customers love the Member App and the latest addition of push notifications has made it even easier for us to stay in touch with them, it’s great to use software that has been created for people that own gyms because they have a real understanding of how it all works. The level of support we’ve received is exceptional. ClubRight’s Help Team are always happy to help us via their web chat or telephone call if it’s necessary. Simply put, we could not run our gym without ClubRight.

Atrium Fitness and ClubRight

Would I recommend ClubRight?

I would absolutely recommend ClubRight to any club owner. Setting up the system in a way that works for us has been great and has streamlined how we do things at Atrium Fitness. ClubRight sits at the very core of my business and to be honest, I would struggle without it. The updates to the software are always great and well thought through. I honestly could not ask for more from a software provider.

If you’re considering getting started with ClubRight, do it. It’s a no brainer. The cost is very low, but the quality is very high – it’s fantastic value for money. You’re not tied into a contract at all, but it doesn’t matter because you won’t want to leave anyway!

Join hundreds of instructors across the UK using ClubRight to manage their classes and build community with their members by booking your free online demo today, or speak to us by calling +44 (0)203 884 9777.

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