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Generating thousands of pounds for health and fitness clubs

Social Referral Online has been great at generating thousands of pounds for health and fitness clubs. Social Referral Online was created for the health and fitness industry, where gym member referrals are so important for health clubs. Social Referral Online has revolutionised the way health and fitness clubs carry out referral marketing and has been used by health and fitness clubs across the world to successfully gain new members.

What makes Social Referral Online very different from other referral marketing tools, is that once it's been implemented, the customers do all the sharing for you. Just sit back and watch the new leads arriving. Social Referral Online has gyms that have added £3,000 per month to their direct debit revenue.

Key Benefits

  • Low Cost
  • Customers do the doing for you digitally, via social networks
  • Simple to implement
  • Leads delivered to you directly
  • GDPR Compliant

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